Internet Marketing Blue Mountains’s DIY SEO


Internet Marketing Blue Mountains is a exciting and engaging area, or at the very least it seems this way to someone who does work in SEO. We consistently have people coming to us either having no clue what to do next, or having created a complicated plan of attack that will eventually fail. it is remarkable the amount of people simply don’t understand how easy it may be to start SEO in your home. It may seem that me advising you about this is a touch count-intuitive to my business structure, but truthfully it is in everybody’s best interest to see more education about how to operate a much more truthful and properly designed SEO campaign. So listed here are a couple of suggestions for you about what you may do at home to develop your SEO as a small Blue Mountains company.

Make certain your company is ‘crawlable’ – have all of your pages linked

Far too many people have not actually constructed their site properly, so the most general thing that you want to do to make sure that your web site is seen, is to in fact make sure all of it is visible. The way Search engines works is that it sends what they call ‘spiders’ to go and ‘crawl’ the web for content, if they locate your homepage they will look for all pages connected to it, and afterwards people will be able to run a Google Search and find it. But if you have developed pages for your blog, or shopping, but haven’t connected it to any one of your other pages then the spiders won’t have the ability to find.

Choose keywords

You ought to see to it that you are concentrating on Keywords– these are the words that customers will associate with your business. Best way to think of it is to consider what words represent what you are intending to sell, and what words people will be entering into google. So make sure you take a moment and write down at the very least 10-15 words that you want to focus your business structure on. You then will really want to try and work these words into your site in a organic manner. Make sure that you don’t go overboard though, if you have the keyword repeated 50 times on the one page it isn’t going to help you. One idea would be to try and have one focus per page with one or two keywords repeated 8-15 times naturally.

Don’t stress over design

Too many in Blue Mountains come to us at Internet Marketing Experts Blue Mountains having worried about the colour and overlooked the important parts, so see to it that it is one of the last things you look at. But when you do look at it, here are a few free and handy places to try to find help. I strongly recommend places like and they will make things easier if you want to do the design on your own.

Run a Social Media campaign

It is something which a number of people often tend to overlook, but a social media campaign in fact can have great advantages for your Internet Marketing. It is still unclear exactly the amount of it helps, but with Google’s constantly evolving algorithm, it is only going to become more and more important as we move through 2016 and beyond. So create your Social Media campaign, connect to people in Blue Mountains and grow your customer base because it will create more respect for your company and boost your visibility.

So these are a few tips and tricks to help you to get a little bit of SEO done yourself without wasting money on an SEO provider before you are ready. But if you are aiming to boost your efforts even more, or are looking to have a bit more of a discussion about where to go next, then call Internet Marketing Experts Blue Mountains on 1300 595 013 or visit our